First and foremost, Booth Enterprises is a training provider.   Our primary objective is to provide our customers
with the most up-to-date OSHA compliant training available, and to include all applicable safety guidelines.

Secondly, we offer consulting and on-site auditing for OSHA compliance to aid
our customers in identifying and meeting their specific training needs.

"Safe workers and safe work environments don’t happen by

We believe that safety is not something that is added-on; it must be ingrained in any training that is provided to your employees.   Although it is a true statement, safety slogans like the one above will not make your employees any safer.   However, hazard awareness/analyses for every task (learned as part of the training for that task) will improve safety performance.   And, just as important as your employee training, providing your direct supervisors with the same training as your employees will give them near-instant recognition of compliance with safe work practices.

The only way to have safe workers and a safe work environment is to create a ‘safety culture’.   Safety cultures are not created by additional paper work such as JHAs or JSAs; these are only means to limit liability.   Safety cultures are created by employee training that instills responsibility for ones’ own safety as well as the safety of others, and by managements’ commitment to facilitate everything necessary to promote a safe work environment.

For over 10 years we have been satisfying the training needs of some of the worlds largest corporations, and have also been working with small to medium-sized companies to meet their training requirements.    We have developed a paper trail that benefits all of our customers.    This paper trail provides proof of training compliance and offers each employee the opportunity for feedback at the completion of his or her training; this enables us to regularly evaluate and improve our training.

In working with our small to mid-sized customers, we realized 2 problems existed: budget & manpower.   To help alleviate these problems, Booth Enterprises implemented a Partnership Plan to make it easier for our small to mid-sized customers to get the same quality training as our large corporate customers, without exceeding their training budget or adversely affecting their manpower loading.   (See our Partnership Plan page for more details.)

We understand that the Partnership Plan is not structured for everyone.   So, if the plan doesn’t suit your needs, the following classes can be custom tailored to your specific requirements.   If you don’t see a class that you need, give us a call and we’ll put it together for you.


Drawings, Details, ISO’s
Electrical Safety
Hand & Power Tool Safety
Trade Mathematics

Industrial Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens
Compressed Gases
Confined Space
Electrical Safety
Fire Extinguisher
Fire & Bottle Watch
Hot Work
Occupational Noise
Personal Fall Arrest System
Portable ladders
Signs & Tags
Basic Plant Operator

Blinding (Flanges)
Cooling Towers
Fired Equipment
Heat Exchangers
Motors & Turbines
Process Chemistry
Process Controls
Process Heater Maintenance
Process Measurements
Process Plant Technology
Tanks & Vessels


Aerial Lift
Bucket Truck
Carry Deck Crane
Overhead Hoist
Scissor Lift

OSHA Outreach

10 hour
30 hour