About Us

We’re Randy & Linda Booth, husband and wife.

We reside in southern California where we enjoy the mild climate, although we like to travel to all corners of this beautiful country.  We’re originally from Mobile, Alabama, so we appreciate a good thunderstorm, humidity (good for the skin), and genuine southern hospitality.  Did we forget to mention ‘southern cooking’?

Between the 2 of us, we have more than 55 years of experience in the industrial construction field, having worked in some of the largest petrochemical and chemical facilities in the country.

At age 25, Randy decided he wanted to be a project manager.  In order to achieve this, he knew he had to ‘top-out’ in a variety of crafts.  So he did.  His résumé includes ironworking, rigging, boiler making, pile driving, pipefitting, welding, operating engineer, and outside machinist.  He didn’t become a project manager, but what he did do didn’t surprise anyone who knew him.  He took all of the knowledge and skills he had spent time learning from each craft and began mentoring the workers in his crews.  One thing led to another, & before long, with trainer certifications in hand, he found his true niche – that of being an instructor.

My experience in this industry was quite the opposite of Randy’s.  Thanks to a wonderful construction manager, and a piping engineer who wasn’t afraid to share his knowledge, I was taught the ‘other’ side of construction – engineering, process, and inspections.  From there my curiosity took me to the realms of Randy’s world.  We partnered our skills and before long we worked projects together as a team.  From this close association I was able to acquire the certifications necessary to be an inspector and an instructor.

In December 1998 we decided it was time for us to quit talking about what needed to be done and just do it.   So, we stepped out on faith and started our own business.

One of the most frequent questions asked of us is why we’ve chosen to be instructors.  Our reasons are two-fold: One, “It’s our passion”.  We’ve seen people die in this industry; we truly believe that with comprehensive training these deaths could have been prevented.  The same goes for serious injuries.  Our second reason is that through the years we’ve witnessed a steady decline of true craftsmanship.  We believe that – with proper training – good work ethics and pride can and should be an inherent part of each working individual.

Our goal is to make safety the priority of and for men and women in construction and industrial maintenance and to bring back real craftsmanship to the workforce.   With your help, we can make this happen.