Partnership Plan


We at Booth Enterprises know all too well that the demands for training required by OSHA can be overwhelming for small to medium sized businesses and contractors.

The obstacles are typically three fold:

  1. The cost of having an OSHA compliant class presented to your workers (usually $1500 to $2000 per class).
  2. Getting the maximum number of your workers into the class can severely deplete your work force for the duration of the class. (OSHA recommends no more than 12 students per class).
  3. The extra management time consumed to maintain the records of the training.

Booth Enterprises has developed a Partnership Plan to help with all three of these obstacles.

The plan is simple: your company calculates how many workers need OSHA compliant classes in the next twelve months. These classes could include forklift, aerial lift, scissor lift, harness, SCBA/SAR, fire extinguisher, etc.  The list goes on but these are some of the most commonly cited required classes.

  • Once you have calculated the number of projected classes needed, you join a Partnership Program with us.
  • Memberships typically will be on an annual basis and you pay into the plan on a monthly basis.  The amount each month will be 1/12 of your calculated training budget.
  • Each $100 paid into the plan equals one training credit; one training credit is good for 1 full day of class for one of your employees.

Booth Enterprises will provide a complete class even

if only one partnership employee needs to attend.

The most requested classes will be offered once or twice a month at Booth Enterprises facility in Torrance CA.  Notice of these classes will be sent to all participating companies, who need only to call or e-mail to reserve one or more seats in any upcoming class.

The schedule calendar will also be posted on our web site
for you to access to see what classes are coming up.

Booth Enterprises will keep your training records on their web site, available to you by use of a pass code, at any time day or night, accessible from any internet connected computer.

Copies of the individual training documents for each student will either be forwarded to you or converted to e-files and saved on our dedicated server.

This plan minimizes the budget impact of paying for private classes, allows your company to send only the number of workers that can be spared at any given time, and frees you or your office staff from most required record keeping.

Non-Plan Members

Employers who do not wish to join the partnership plan may send their employees to any scheduled class, however, Booth Enterprises will not keep non-members training records on the web site, and the rates for each class will be amended as follows:

  • Each 8-hr. class will be $110.00 per person if payment is received on the day of class.


  • Each 8-hr. class will be $120.00 per person and, on approved credit, will be invoiced at the end of each month.

Booth Enterprises will perform free on-site audits
to help you determine your training needs.

Terms and Limitations

Unless previously approved by Booth Enterprises, all Partnership Plans will run for a period of one year, with a no-price-increase guarantee.

Plan members will only be allowed two months worth of credits ahead of their actual payment level, unless previously approved by Booth Enterprises.

If a plan member chooses to drop out of the plan, unused credits may either be used up, or up to two months of payments will be refunded.

Continued support for on-line training records for non-members would require a separate maintenance fee.

Class Credit Pricing Schedule

Forklift types 4 & 5: 1 credit
Forklift type 7: 1 credit
Safety Harness: 1/2 credit
Aerial lift: 1/2 credit
Aerial lift
w/ Safety Harness:
1 1/2 credits
Scissor Lift: 1 credit
SCBA/SAR: 1 credit
w/fit-test certification:
1-1/2 credits
Fire extinguisher: 1-1/2 credits
First Aid, CPR, AED
w/ Red Cross certification:
1-1/2 credits
OSHA 10: 1 credit
OSHA 30: 3 credits